Days 16-30

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Revisiting my 60 Days of Gratitude-Days 16-30

Day 16. Grateful for the years of service my label maker has given me. A leaking coffee cup spelled its demise-now the sleek baby on the left becomes my new “wing man”.

day 16v


Day 17 Friday night at the movies

day 17

Day 18. Finding unexpected quirky moments in the strangest places (Waterside Cemetery-Marblehead)

day 18

Day 19 – the restorative powers of the fruit of the vine.

day 19



Day 20 Grateful for the experience with Miss B-I think I still have this outfit in the attic.

day 20

Day 21  A day without clients meant I could tackle my messy storage space-sweaty but got it done.


Day 22 – Grateful for a perfect morning to have coffee outside.


Day 23-organizing products with a sense of humor.

day 23

Day 24: National pride-however it shows up.


Day 25: turning the corner in the supermarket and seeing this makes an errand into a delight.

day 25

Day 26:- fresh sweet corn with melting butter-summer sunshine in every chomp.


Day 27: sometimes it’s the REALLY little things-like clearing out the excess plastic storage containers.

day 26

Day 28: Chair-time with Ms Dritta, the stylist who works major magic on me.

day 27

Day 29: Grateful I don’t have chickens-they seem like a lot of work.

day 28

Day 30: Pretty toes thanks to the magic of Nikki at Artistic Nails in Swampscott

day 29

Whay are you grateful for today?

My 60 Days of Gratitude in 4 parts: Part 1

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For my 60th Birthday – I decided to challenge myself to looking for those moments of grace throughout the day. I’d like to share this journey with you.

My 60 Days of Gratitude  Days 1-15

Day 1: It’s the Little Things:💙

💕 actually a BIG thing-so grateful for all the beautiful spirits in my life!

Day 2: So grateful to live in such a beautiful town


Day 3- grateful for a husband who loves to cook!


Day 4-SO grateful for air conditioning in a car after driving one all summer without it!


Day 5 : The joy of finding an exercise I actually love doing!


Day 6: Sunshine through my kitchen window makes me smile🌞


Day 7:  You never know with cats. So grateful I was adopted by a total love bunny. She stretches alongside me all night-purrrr😻



Day 8: I love my puffy comforter-takes me 2 mins to make the bed and THAT makes me happy!


Day 9: At the risk of never leaving my bedroom – I am TRULY grateful that this is what I see when I open my eyes in the morning – feeling blessed!


Day 10: living in a town where the crime log uses words like “sketchy” and “squirrely” and people report having cookbooks maliciously tossed through windows.

Day 11: the smells from a marvelous bakery20150808_210253111_iOS


Day 12: Fairy houses – just because


Day 13: A strong, dependable hot shower in the morning


Day 14: Signs like this!

witty banter

Day 15: fresh and yummy herbs

green herbs

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