My 60 Days of Gratitude in 4 parts: Part 1

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For my 60th Birthday – I decided to challenge myself to looking for those moments of grace throughout the day. I’d like to share this journey with you.

My 60 Days of Gratitude  Days 1-15

Day 1: It’s the Little Things:💙

💕 actually a BIG thing-so grateful for all the beautiful spirits in my life!

Day 2: So grateful to live in such a beautiful town


Day 3- grateful for a husband who loves to cook!


Day 4-SO grateful for air conditioning in a car after driving one all summer without it!


Day 5 : The joy of finding an exercise I actually love doing!


Day 6: Sunshine through my kitchen window makes me smile🌞


Day 7:  You never know with cats. So grateful I was adopted by a total love bunny. She stretches alongside me all night-purrrr😻



Day 8: I love my puffy comforter-takes me 2 mins to make the bed and THAT makes me happy!


Day 9: At the risk of never leaving my bedroom – I am TRULY grateful that this is what I see when I open my eyes in the morning – feeling blessed!


Day 10: living in a town where the crime log uses words like “sketchy” and “squirrely” and people report having cookbooks maliciously tossed through windows.

Day 11: the smells from a marvelous bakery20150808_210253111_iOS


Day 12: Fairy houses – just because


Day 13: A strong, dependable hot shower in the morning


Day 14: Signs like this!

witty banter

Day 15: fresh and yummy herbs

green herbs

NEXT UP…. Days 16-30