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Workshops and SpeakingI love sharing my message of creating space and reducing stress! Do you know a group who’d be interested in my workshops?

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Topics include:

Digging Out from the Paper Blizzard

Are you buried under an avalanche of papers?

Are you ready to shovel out and chart a clear path for the future?

What to toss?  What to keep?  How to find it when you need it?

Looking for an informative and entertaining workshop on why our lives can so easily become over-stuffed with paper? Come away with techniques and strategies for de-cluttering and simplifying the paper world once and for all.

“Susan’s first speaking event at our Library was so well-attended and positively received that I invited her to come back to offer a second presentation.  A full room of people again responded enthusiastically to her lively delivery of organizing tips and strategies. More importantly, Susan provides insights into the behaviors and beliefs that typically result in clutter and suggests realistic changes to achieve new and better outcomes.”

Taming the Terrible Too(s): Part 1
Too much stuff? Too little space?

What’s all this stuff costing you? Physically, emotionally, financially?  Does your environment support you or stress you? Explore how we wind up with too much and learn step-by-step tips and strategies for creating spaces that support your life and nurture your passions.

Taming the Terrible Too(s): Part 2
Too much to do? Too little time?

Do you feel that you could be more productive and powerful if you only got “more organized”? While that may be a piece of the puzzle, getting organized is only one part of enhanced productivity. This workshop covers the other skills you need to help you take back control of your time and your life.

“Susan’s organizing presentation went way beyond storage containers. …. Instead she analyzed the reason for hoarding and how to avoid being a collector of clutter.”

The Organized Gardener

Designed specifically for gardeners, this workshop includes tips and step-by-step techniques to help you get more organized to give you more time to play in your garden.

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